Targeting mainly teens and young adults, we promote the Crisis Text Line as a resource for tough times. The Suicide and Crisis Lifeline is a nationally accessible option for those in crisis. Both are 24/7, and offer free confidential support.

“Be Well Crisis Helpline” – Dial 211, enter your ZIP code, press 3.

Available to Indiana Residents, this service is accessible via calling or texting.  Trained counselors 24/7 regarding stress, anxiety, loneliness or mental health strains. They are also increasingly a resource to help locate mental health supports within your region.  Service is free and confidential.

For more information on this Indiana service, click here.

The Suicide and Crisis Lifeline number is 988.

This nationally accessible number is staffed around the clock, is free, and offers confidential support to people in distress and their families and loved ones. It also provides prevention and crisis resources.  you may call or text this number, or investigate more crisis information below.

They have additional specific resources for LGBTQ people, youth, Native Americans, veterans, people with disabilities, and disaster survivors. They also offer help in Spanish.

For more information on this valuable service, click here.

Crisis Text Line: Text “MHA” to 741741.

They offer free 24/7 crisis support in the US. When you text, you will be connected to a live trained counselor.

For more information on the Crisis Text Line, click here.

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