We are committed to supporting both our local and extended communities during this time and ongoing. We have a number of webinars that you can participate remotely and free of charge.

Webinar 1: Connecting Teachers and Families: Mental Health and Social and Emotional Supports in the Remote/Hybrid Classroom 

@Wednesday, December 2, 2020.    2:15 pm ET / 11:15 am PT

The COVID-19 pandemic has created countless challenges for our schools and communities. With these challenges and the shift in many communities to remote and hybrid instructional settings, it is more important than ever for teachers to understand the needs of students and effectively communicate with families. In collaboration with the National School Boards Association, this presentation will focus on the role that mental health supports play within the social-emotional development of students during remote and hybrid instruction, along with the essential need for teachers and families to have the tools to successfully communicate with each other in these settings to meet these unique needs.

Join this free, 60-minute webinar where we will discuss:

  • How do mental health needs of students show up in remote and hybrid learning?
  • Why must we respond to those needs in ways that support positive social-emotional development?
  • What are the tools of productive communication that can be used between teachers and families to identify and meet the mental health needs of students, whether in classrooms or virtual learning?
  • What are the next steps in implementing the necessary language and tools that support effective communication between teachers and families as it relates to student mental health, social emotional learning, and remote/hybrid learning?

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Webinar 2: How Culture and Race Can Impact Identifying and Treating Mental Health Conditions
@Wednesday, December 16, 2020.     2:15 pm ET / 11:15 am PT

How we talk (or avoid talking) about mental health is uniquely shaped by our racial/ethnic backgrounds and our cultural experiences. For some cultural groups, emotional distress and mental health concerns are often expressed through physical symptoms or spiritual experiences. This webinar is designed to increase awareness and explore critical aspects of mental wellness that are shaped by an individual’s cultural background. We will discuss racial disparities in mental health, barriers to treatment, and strategies that can help in identifying and treating symptoms across different cultural groups.

Join this free, 60-minute webinar where we will discuss: 

  • How different cultural groups express mental health concerns
  • Social and environmental factors that contribute to poor mental health outcomes for these cultural groups
  • Increase awareness of warning signs and symptoms of anxiety and mood disorders
  • Three coping strategies to implement in your daily life

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