This program promotes mental health in children who likely have never had the opportunity to purchase a new item of clothing that they have had the pleasure of selecting for themselves.

More than that, Clothe-a-Child was created to give these children a mental health boost by being able to wear something they truly love.

MHAoPC teams up with county school counselors and administrators, as well as other service organizations, to identify recipients. 

The application form here is to be used by school counselors, staff and administrators. Please access the pdf version of the application form here: Clothe-A-Child Application Form

Contact our office to get more details, or find out how you can help with this program.

Our last recipient was a high school boy who had been taken from his parents, bounced around homes, and wound up living with his grandparents. He had only had hand-me-downs and what used clothes they could find for him, and he was in desperate need of clothes that didn’t just kind of fit, but that were comfortable and in good repair. He was chosen for the Clothe-a-Child program and was able to go to a regular retail outlet, and with discounts from an MHAoPC board member, got a couple of very nice, well-fitting outfits that he could wear with pride.

Imagine the power of knowing someone cares to make this happen. Imagine the boost in self-esteem. Imagine the pride in wearing something you got to choose.