Welcome to our Radio Interviews 

Welcome to our archives of on-air interviews, where the power of the airwaves meets the importance of mental health awareness. At Mental Health America of Putnam County, we believe in the transformative potential of open conversations and shared stories. Our radio interview is a platform for these conversations, bringing you insightful discussions, expert perspectives, and personal stories that aim to destigmatize mental health and promote well-being.

Located right next to MHA’s headquarters, WREB, the esteemed radio station of Greencastle and Putnam County, boasting the largest listenership in our region, generously extends a monthly invitation for interviews every fourth Thursday. We are truly honored to have this recurring opportunity to discuss important mental health topics.

Below is the list of radio interviews we have done with WREB:


Karen and Bella discuss Mental Health America of Putnam County’s ‘Where to Start’ campaign on initiating mental health conversations and accessing resources (11 minutes interview, March 2024)

Karen discusses MHAoPC’s quarterly theme and community engagement through events like Candid Conversations and educational resources. (17 minutes interview, Feb 2024)

Karen and Bella covers depression’s symptoms, types, and treatments, highlighting its treatability and the impact of co-occurring illnesses. (13 minutes interview, Jan 2025)


Karen and Bella discuss the importance of healthy home environments and strategies to improve mental health. (10 minutes interview, Oct 26th, 2023)

Karen and Bella touch on the need for support in the community and the impact of changing seasons on mental well-being. (7 minutes interview, Sep 28th, 2023)

Karen and Bella discuss the positive and negative aspects of social media for young people.(10 minutes interview, Aug 30th, 2023)

Karen and Bella talk about the importance of rasing awareness and the need for creating safe spaces for BIPOC individuals, both physically and psychologically. (12 minutes interview, July 2023)

Karen discusses Founders Day at Mental Health America of Putnam County, detailing Clifford Beers’ contributions and the early history of the mental health movement that led to the establishment of the National Mental Health Association (26 minutes interview, Feb 2023)

Karen and Jay emphasize the importance of mental health check-ins and highlights online screenings from Mental Health America for identifying symptoms of conditions like depression and anxiety. (12 minutes interview, Jan 25, 2023)

Karen and Alicia discuss New Year’s resolutions focused on mental health, emphasizing self-compassion and realistic goal-setting with support from Mental Health America’s resources. (8 minutes interview, Jan 3, 2023)