Mind Your Health 5K

Every year, we partner with DePauw Cross Country and DePauw Health to host the “Mind Your Health 5K” in honor of EIM on Campus Month as October is Exercise Is Medicine® on Campus (EIM-OC) month. Therefore, we dedicate October month to raising awareness of physical activity on local community.

Don’t Dodge the Issues : Dodgeball Tournament

Every spring, Mental Health America of Putnam County organize our annual Dodgeball Tournament to create discussions around mental health awareness. Teams of 6 to 8 people compete in a chance to win prizes donated from local business and donors.

Puppet Power

Our farthest-reaching program, serving over 2,000 children in preschool through fifth grade, Puppet Power gives elementary age students information and skills to handle situations they may encounter that threaten their safety.

Presented in an engaging format by local students who in many cases learned in the same classrooms as their audience, this program empowers and educates our youth on meaningful mental health topics through puppet plays. It’s clear to see how their faces light up, both in delight and recognition of the subject at hand. The focus of these presentations is to help children make better and more informed decisions about serious issues they may encounter including anti-drug and anti-bullying, self-confidence, and body rights.