Person or Educator of the Year Award

Honoring those who make impactful mental health contributions

We are fortunate to have so many concerned people make an impact in our or other people’s mental health, and especially with the pandemic, and all the challenges that brings.  Each year we celebrate May as Mental Health Awareness Month and in that spirit, MHAoPC accepts community nominations the preceding spring for the Person and Educator of the Year Awards, recognizing the tremendous work a particular educator or a community member has done regarding mental health.  We want this award to be about the person who goes above and beyond.  It can be one who shared mental resources in the community, coordinated organized events or workshops regarding mental health, had a great impact on you personally, or helped a student out who was struggling… These are just some ideas, but we’re sure you have more stories.

Details for Nominations

We need your help, though.   Please share this information, and nominate the person and/or educator that you believe had to make an impactful contribution in the area of mental health in the past year.  The nomination form below can be filled out, or you can include that information with your submission using your own format.  Nominations are accepted by emailing to the Executive Director, Karen Martoglio, at, mail this form to MHAoPC at 10 ½ North Jackson Street, Greencastle IN, 46135, fax to 765-653-0048, or text to 765-246-1003.  The submission deadline is usually the end of April; in 2022 it was noon, May 27rd.  That year, both the winners of the awards and the nominators joined our annual meeting on June 6th for celebration. If your nominee is selected, we traditionally have enlisted the help of our nominators to ensure your nominee’s attendance at our annual meeting where/when they’ll receive their recognitions, but generally it is a surprise to the recipient.  Please let us know if a different kind of recognition is needed.

Then come join our celebration!

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and we will be holding our Annual Meeting where we reflect upon our year and thank those who have made a difference in Putnam County.

Thank you for your nomination and help in recognizing our community’s treasures!