MHAoPC helps people in our community find and access mental health resources, including seeking professional help, taking a screening, and investigating mental health providers in our region. We can assist if someone knows a situation needs more help than a primary caregiver can provide and of course we can always help if a crisis is imminent. We have resources available for everyone, and there is always someone available who cares and can help.

We applaud those who start the search for assistance. It’s not weak; it’s brave and smart.

If you are in need of emergency care, please dial 911. If you feel you may need urgent care, seeking help can also come through the nationally recognized Crisis Text Line by texting MHA to 741741.

If you are seeking resources in Putnam County and the surrounding region, please contact us to discuss your particular needs. There are many online resources and other avenues to help that can be found on our Finding Help page.

If you want to explore where you may be in relation to others and/or find out how severe your condition may be, we recommend taking one or more screenings through the Mental Health America national website.

If you would like to read more about how MHAoPC is involved in our community, check out our events and articles in our blog, MHA in the News.

Dodgeball Tournament

Our annual “Don’t Dodge the Issues” Dodgeball Tournament is three years running (with a break for COVID).  When our calendar allows, we invite you to join MHAoPC in our events (and as a member if you can) to help support mental health endeavors in Putnam County.

Committees and Boards

MHAoPC is actively involved in the community, from serving on boards and coalitions to offering activities and events we interact with folks from all walks of life.

One of our greatest strengths is serving with others to guide resources and vision on subjects that have a mental health component. We act as a voice for mental health issues and perspectives. We strive to voice the concerns of those who can’t speak for themselves, to call out and destigmatize mental health issues, and to add the perspective of mental health resources in our area.

Below are some of the local committees and organizations in which we participate:

Putnam County Community Corrections Advisory Board
We are the mental health advocate voice on this board, which determines the direction and resources for corrections programs in Putnam County.

Putnam County Justice Reinvestment Advisory Council (JRAC)
Similarly, MHAoPC, along with Cummins Behavioral Health, serve as the mental health advocates for this body.  In 2021, Indiana’s governor signed House Enrolled Act 1068 into law, establishing local JRACs in each county.  The purpose of the JRAC is to serve as an advisory body to the policy makers, judiciary, and stakeholder groups of the criminal justice system in Putnam County.  We examine potential improvements to the system, set priorities, make recommendations, and guide with their implementation. The JRAC utilizes evidence based methods to identify goals and priorities, develops solutions, and measures results to ensure policies and programs are cost effective, efficient and produce maximum outcomes for the community.  The state-level website on local JRACs is

Putnam County Recovery Coalition
MHAoPC has been involved with this coalition since it began. The vision of this group has focused on recovery after initially looking at larger addiction and substance abuse issues in Putnam County. Check out their Facebook page for more information.

National Night Out Planning Committee
National Night Out is a program that enhances the relationship between neighbors and law enforcement while bringing back a true sense of community. Furthermore, it provides a great opportunity to bring police and neighbors together under positive circumstances. Our Putnam County event has a strong Back-to-School theme and works with other non-profit organizations to provide supplies and resources as the school year starts.  MHAoPC has served on the planning committee for years and regularly has an informational booth at the event each year. You can find more information about the national organization here.

Child Abuse Prevention Month Committee
MHAoPC has teamed up with the Children’s Bureau, Old National Trail, Greencastle City Hall, Putnam County Courthouse, Gobin United Methodist Church, Putnam County Youth Development Commission and Family Support Services to coordinate a variety of events and awareness campaigns every April.

360 Coalition
Formed in early 2019, this Coalition augments the former Systems of Care group and brings many social service voices to one table in Putnam County so many organizations can collaborate and share resources to those searching and requesting assistance on a variety of platforms.  They have their own website at

Putnam County Safe Schools Commission (PCSSC)
PCSSC’s goals are to develop consistency of school emergency procedures and coordination with local and county emergency agencies, re-establish the countywide Character Education Initiative, and support the education of parents and community in issues such as drug education, bullying prevention, safety information, and any topic directly related to the safety of our children.

Putnam County Prevention, Intervention, Education (PIE)/Local Coordinating Council (LCC)
The LCC is the planning and coordinating body from the Indiana State government for addressing alcohol and other drug problems. Members include volunteers from a variety of organizations including education, treatment, social services, and local police. The organization provides funds for prevention, intervention, and education of substance misuse.