Are you looking for a mental health provider in our area? Perhaps you have a diagnosis and want more information? Is it confusing to find the right resource? Is insurance a roadblock to getting mental health services? We can help!

Our office acts as a clearinghouse for anyone who wishes to investigate mental health options. Below are the services we offer. Contact us for more information or to get specific materials.

Mental Health Resources in Putnam County: We’ve put together a list of mental health resources that can help you to find local organizations that provide mental health support in our community. See more at Mental Health Resources in Putnam County on our website.

Printed Materials: We have printed material available on myriad mental health disorders and challenges, from schizophrenia, bi-polar, ADHD, and PTSD, to helping those in unhealthy situations involving drug addiction, child abuse, and sexual violence.

Screenings and Helplines: As a national affiliate of Mental Health America, we share access to a dozen mental health screenings, tools to help deal with specific issues, and helplines (both text and phone).

Connecting to Services: We regularly take calls from people investigating services in our area, including drug rehabilitation facilities, mental health counseling, medication sources, child welfare (abuse situations), and suicide prevention.

Referrals: MHAoPC is an approved referral source for Cummins Behavioral Health. This means community members can gain access to services and information otherwise not available. And we can open doors and gain access for those having a difficult time seeing a professional.