We provide Putnam County Court-ordered classes for families with children living in separate households through divorce or separation of parents. Our Helping Children/Co-Parenting course offerings (abbreviated HCCP) are designed to help the parents and the children going through this change in family dynamics. MHAoPC provides three services to the families involved in these situations: One course for parents, one for school-aged children, and one-on-one counseling for teens.  (See our overview of the HCCP Program for details.)

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Before registering for HCCP class at MHAoPC, please review “Information Letter” and “Children’s Class/Counseling Portion of the HCCP” sections below. You cannot register for a class unless you agree to the requirements in the “Information Letter” and “Children’s Class/Counseling Portion of the HCCP” as follows:

Informational Letter

You will be registered for the following Helping Children/ Co-Parenting class when you fill out and return the registration form (either here online or via a written form through US Post, text, email or fax). We advise you to register as soon as possible because registrations are taken on a first come, first served basis. 

If the class fills before we receive your registration form, you will be advised of the next available class. Maximum class number is twenty (20).  If fewer than five (5) people register for the scheduled class, class will be cancelled and registrants transferred to the next scheduled class. If we do not receive your registration form in advance, admittance to the class can be denied. 

Fee:  $60.00 per adult CASH, MONEY ORDER OR CREDIT/DEBIT CARD. Please no checks. Payment can be made the night of the class.

Cause #: You must provide MHAoPC with the cause number from your court papers. Please enter this information on the registration form and submit it to MHAoPC as soon as possible. Certificates cannot be issued and the courts will not get a completion notice without this information.

Certificate: When you have completed the class session, paid the required fee, and registered the cause number, you will receive the certificate of completion that you are required to present to the court. There will be a $5.00 fee for additional copies of the certificate.

Absence: If for some reason you cannot attend the class, it is important that you inform our office by phone at 765-653-3310, text at 765-246-1003, or email at info@mhaopc.org as soon as possible.  Refunds will only be granted with an acknowledged 24-hour notice prior to class.

Because class is held over the dinner hour, please feel free to bring a snack for yourself. (Children will be provided snacks during their class. Please do not send snacks for them.) PLEASE DO NOT BRING GUESTS!

Children’s Class/Counseling Portion of the HCCP options

It is part of the court order that any children within this age range (7-17) are required to participate in the age appropriate activity listed below.


PLEASE NOTE:  These services for children aged 7-17 are not designed to be the children(s’)’s first discovery about the separation/divorce/paternity situation. If you need help with this, even for younger children, please inform us.

Ages 7 – 12: Classes for children ages 7 to 12 are conducted at Gobin Memorial United Methodist Church, at the same time as the Helping Children/Co-Parenting adult classes.  Please list your child’s(all childrens’) name(s) and age(s) where indicated regardless of whether they will be attending the classes or not. Please also specify which children will be attending with you.  Children will be provided snacks during the class. Please do not send snacks for them.

When registering, please read and acknowledge by checking the box to confirm you have discussed the separation/divorce with the children prior to coming to the class. The children’s class is to help them with this transition, not an initial discovery session.

Teens: If your child is 13 to 17 years old, an individual counseling session must be scheduled. Your teen does NOT attend classes with you. To arrange a teen session, call Beth Watson at 765-301-0087. (This is a local call in Greencastle.) Beth will return your call and will schedule a session at your mutual convenience.

Under 7: Children under 7 do not participate in the Children’s portion of the Program. Please arrange for your young children to be left with a responsible adult. Childcare is not provided and young children cannot attend class with you.

There is no charge for the children attending the class. MHAoPC covers the cost of both the children’s classes and the individual counseling sessions for the teens.

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